Hi, I’m Andrea. I began this blog to record my journey of healing my psoriasis through diet. Right now I am following the paleo automimmune protocol and the bulletproof diet to the best of my ability. I’ll also be doing some juice/broth fasts and other cleanses recommended by my naturopathic doctor.

You can call me crunchy. I’ve been passionate about healthy eating for quite some time, and have learned quite a bit, thanks to gurus like Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey, and Robb Wolf.

-College student -Introvert -Amateur singer, dancer, photographer, and chef -I also love laughing and hiking.

I live for God. He is my light, my strength, my song, my salvation.

I am not dedicated to talking solely about diet and healing on this blog. I’ll sometimes post other things, like musings, photography, and who knows what else?


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